I can’t even imagine the feeling of living far away from my close family, rarely getting a chance to see them.  I hate good-byes. Whenever I leave my family, I always end it with “See ya!” Good-byes are just so… permanent.

Thankfully for all the amazing technology these days, it helps substantially when keeping your connections close, but of course it’s never the same of physically being present and able to give that special someone a big, warm Christmas hug.

A company that I respect so much for all that they do for their customers and their community, TELUS, came up with something brilliant and remarkably admirable, during a time of year when you miss those you love the most.

Telus is in the business of connecting people – but they know that the greatest connection of all is the human connection between friends and families. So, they reached out to their communities through social media and asked Canadians who they would love to connect with this holiday season. After reviewing thousands of posts, four people were chosen and TELUS went the distance to make their wishes come true.

Warning: Plenty of Kleenex is a must before you watch.

Merry Christmas!

10 Comments on The Greatest Connection is the Human Connection

  1. That’s such a nice commercial! TELUS has been great to me, and the first cell phone provider that I’ve been with and haven’t been anxious to leave!

  2. They are 100% correct that the greatest connection is the human connection, especially around the holidays! Love Telus!

  3. Telus has been a great company for me. I’m not surprised to see them make these individuals’ wishes come true. I hope that they remain this way for a very long time.l

  4. This is such a great commercial – I always feel more emotional at this time of year – thanks for the warning to grab a kleenex!

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