As I type away sitting on my comfortable (well, use to be a lot more comfortable just a few months ago) leather office chair, legs propped up, cold glass of pink raspberry lemonade and some sweet cherries next to me on the desktop, you would think that I’m pretty darn comfortable right about now.

No matter how I sit, how I lie down or how I walk… *cue Tony Montano voice* Say hello to my little friend.  
I’m talking about the Pregnancy Pains.
You know, that pesky ache that you get from your lower back to your upper back to your hips to your pelvic bone to your neck.

Everyday things that I use to do before that were easy-peasy, have now turned into grunt-work.
Walking up even short flights of stairs, have been debilitating. I always feel as if I ran a marathon.

And forget a good night’s sleep! For the past couple of days, I found myself waking up at odd hours of the night switching from my left side, to my right side, to my back, and then back to my left.
Nothing is comfortable!

Did I mention my bed has become a harbor for pillows? Oh, and a little 3 year old that chooses to sleep perpendicular to us at the foot of the bed giving me less space than normal?
There are nights when my husband even has to sleep in the guest room in order for me to get a decent night’s sleep.

Okay, enough of the complaining.  Any women that has been pregnant has already felt this before and probably doesn’t want to be reminded.
So shall I remind you of the beatitude of pregnancy?

Nothing feels more wonderful than that feeling of that little person inside of you. Already with a mind of their own!
I love it when I’m lying down with my hubby next to me and/or my daughter and they start conversing with my belly only to have baby respond with such conspicuous movement.
My husband has only really felt baby’s movement twice so far (I’ll be 25 weeks tomorrow!).  But I know he and my little girl are in for a treat within the next few months as I can really feel how much more stronger our little one is getting.

Loving the fact that I can wear such figure-flattering tops without worrying if I need to do a few push-ups first. In fact, the more my shirts hug my body, the better! Especially now that my belly is at the stage where I really look pregnant now as opposed to just “chubby”. 🙂

And let’s not forget the eat-what-you-please diet. Well, except foods with mercury, alcohol and high in preservatives of course.
Craving that cheesecake ice cream? Indulge!
Suddenly want to have some of that Popeye’s Chicken? Go for it!
Pickles, bacon and chips dipped in chocolate…? Sure, why not!

That glow. The way people just smile at you when they see you. The feeling you get when your child hugs your belly tight and has a big sister/brother chat with their soon-to-be baby brother or sister.

Oh the joys!

What did you love or hate most about Pregnancy?

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