I can’t think of another name echoed frequently from the mouth of my husband than Tim… Hortons.
There is something so very comforting about a warm cup of Tim Hortons Coffee (or tea) that every Canadian can agree with.

I made gift buying for Dad a little easier this year with my Father’s Day Gift Guide, and one of the Top 10 on this list was none other than a gift card from Tim Hortons.

My good friends at Tim Hortons appreciates and honours all the sacrifices and love from our Fathers and is offering one of my readers the opportunity to treat DAD to some Tims Love!

The Prize Pack includes: A bag of Tim Hortons’ New Partnership Blend Coffee, a Stainless Steel Thermos Travel Mug, and a $25 Tim Card.

 1) Leave a comment telling me what you’re thankful to your Dad for. (mandatory)
2) Enter via rafflecopter below for additional chances to win

Open to Canadian Residents only.

Good luck!

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64 Comments on The Perfect Gift for a Canadian Dad: Tim Hortons Father’s Day #Giveaway

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  2. I am thankful for all the life lessons I’ve learned from him. When it comes time for me to live totally solo, I know they’ll help me be successful on my own!

  3. I’m thankful for my stepfather being there for my brothers and I with an open heart. He worked so hard to take care of us too!
    via Rhonda W G.

  4. My dad worked so hard to make sure my brother and I had everything we needed and the chance to go to university – a chance he didn’t get. He has been my biggest supporter in everything I’ve done.

  5. My mother passed away about a year before I left for college. I have always been a “Daddy’s Girl” And 1 week before I was going to move out on my own for school, an aquaintence of my mother’s called me spilling that my father is in fact not my biological father. I went 20 years thinking he was my “real” dad, but when I think about it, he truly is. He was the man who stepped up and took me in as his own. Without getting into detail, the guy saved my life. He is all I know and he’s actually the one who propelled my Timmies addiction. He deserves the world and more, but a Timmies prize pack would suffice 🙂

  6. My father was one of the kindest, most gentlest man you could have ever met. He also had a zany sense of humour! I wish that he had known his grandchildren longer because he was a wonderful grandfather as well as father!

  7. My Dad couldn’t have children… so he set aside his pride and used a donor to have my sister and myself. I’ve never had any interest in finding out anything about the donor or anything, as far as I’m concerned my dad’s my dad. And I’m thankful to him for wanting us that badly.

  8. I’m thankful for him teaching me the value of a dollar at an early age, his good looks, charm, and sense of humour (all of which I inherited 🙂 !)

  9. I am thankful my dad was around for anythig and everything. He taught me how to do everything ad didn’t limit his teachings due to my gender. I got to learn how to shoot a gun, change car tires, make bullets, learn about football and racing, to punch, and to laugh at almost any situation in life. He taught me how to be tough in the most gentle of ways.

  10. Thankful to my dad for always coming to my rescue when I need something even if it is just a ride home from my daughter’s school in a rain storm.

  11. For always being there! Even tonight at a graduation, where he had to sit until like 300 kids were awarded individually…kept looking over to see if he was still awake! lol

  12. My Dad passed away almost 6 years ago, but I am thankful that I had him in my life and that he was MY Dad. He was an amazing, generous, loving, selfless man who was always there for me and I miss him every second of every day.

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