Here we have it, ladies. Another beauty brand that understands what women want — the comfort, convenience and luxury of receiving beauty at your doorstep.  
The Topbox steps into the fast-growing and popular scene of Beauty Box Subscriptions in hopes to satisfy the craving of many beauty lovers across Canada.
For just $10 a month, you can begin to receive 4 hand-picked, deluxe-sized beauty samples of popular, luxury brands right to your doorstep.
Recently, I have also had the opportunity to review another popular competitor, the Luxe Box by Loose Button.
I thought it would be wise to compare the beauty boxes to see how they match up and which is honestly the best bang for your buck.
This Topbox for the month of April just so happened to be the eco-friendly version to celebrate Earth Month, so it was very plain in the typical cardboard colour. It’s a hard cardboard tube with the words Topbox sprawled across it.
As much as I loved the samples I received in the Topbox, I wasn’t really impressed with the packaging and it didn’t give me the “special” feeling I get when I opened my Luxe box to reveal a beautifully-wrapped and very personalized packaging. I just love seeing my name on things. 🙂
Also, I noticed that the Luxe Box, in fact, carried and has worked with a lot more brands than the Topbox has to date.
However, they do state that once you begin your membership and fill out your beauty profile, the products you receive are custom to suit your beauty needs/style. I like that! Not every woman has the same skin, taste and preference when it comes to their beauty needs so customizing the box to fit you is perfect.
Both came with a card which included detailed information on the products in the box including the price for a full-size and where you can purchase it. Both, of course, included perfectly sized deluxe brand name samples that I enjoyed.  
The difference though is that the Luxe Box promises to offer 4-5 deluxe-sized samples as the Topbox only states 4.
I really loved the Principessa Beauty Dry Shampoo I received in my topbox. Not only did it smell good and really do what it’s suppose to, but I loved the size.
I also enjoyed the Hella Pella lotion (perfect purse-size) and the Porefessional by Benefit (I’m a big fan of benefit!).  The only product I wasn’t too fond with was the Misa nail polish merely because I’m a nail polish snob and I didn’t like the quality of it. I needed to put more 2-3 layers to achieve the colour and felt it too watered-down.
The great thing about both boxes is that there are no hidden fees and no shipping costs and you can cancel at anytime.
Both only accept credit card at the moment and only shipping within Canada so unfortunately that gift subscription you may want to give to a good friend or family member outside of Canada won’t be feasible at the moment.  I do think that they are in the process of working on that.
So just like a magazine subscription you receive in your mailbox each month, this beauty box does the exact same thing.  A fun surprise that you’re sure to enjoy! 
So which beauty box would I pick if I had the choice? It’s a tough one!
I personally like the personalization and the fact that Luxe Box offers an additional sample as well at just $2 more — the Luxe Box would be my pick.
If you really prefer a very personalized and more chic wrapping/packaging, the Luxe Box would be the winner.  If you want to focus on the products you receive, willing to sacrifice an extra sample but save $24 a year/$2 a month, the Topbox would be your best bet.
Either way you go, you can’t go wrong. Both provide wonderful deluxe-sized luxury brand name samples for you every month and what beauty lover wouldn’t love that?

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