I asked mothers, just like you and I,  to try out the new Banana Boat® Natural Reflect™ Kids Sunscreen and let me know their honest thoughts.
Sun exposure can be very dangerous for our children (and of course ourselves) without proper use of Sun Protection. But little ones tend to have much more sensitive skin and Banana Boat created a new product with that in mind.

You can read more about the new Banana Boat® Natural Reflect™ Kids Sunscreen here.

Here is what the Reviewers had to say:

Thanks for the opportunity to try out the Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen.

I love that the sunscreen is SPF 50 and has both UVA and UVB protection. The scent is very mild. The lotion itself feels thick but is easy to apply and rub into the skin. I also like that the Natural Reflect lotion is water resistant, something that is on the top of my list when shopping for sunscreen for my active kids!

I was so excited to be chosen for this opportunity, as I was looking into this product for purchase.  I hate purchasing something only to find out-I don’t like it.  After checking out EWG, -the reviews were strong. I was eager to try.

The item does not have an overwhelming smell.  My LO is very sensitive to that.  I liked that it was easy to put on and more thick than other brands we have used in the past that tend to get all over the place.  This one you are able to see where you have already applied before rubbing in more thoroughly. It felt in a way like I was moisturizing her in addition to protecting her skin from the sun.   I was happy with the result and cannot wait to continue to use it (WONDERLAND TOMORROW!)  I plan on picking up the baby one this week.  In sum, I am happy that a larger company has made an attempt into producing a more easily accessible natural product that is affordable to boot.  I would definitely recommend.
– P.S. 

Here are my thoughts on the Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50.
Since we camp a great deal and don’t want to attract bugs I am happy that there is no noticeable scent to it.

I love that it is sting free and was able to test that this morning when I put it on my daughter before leaving for school, since that new skin around scrapes is very susceptible to burning.

My daughter is only 6 and because of the thick consistency of the sunscreen she is unable to rub it in adequately making that a bit of a problem for us especially since she likes to be independent.
I like that it takes  fair bit of water and scrubbing to get the sunscreen off your hands after applying.
My rating (mainly because of the thickness of it) is 4 out of 5. 

– L

I received my sample bottle yesterday which luckily started out to be a nice sunny day and therefore a good day to test the sunscreen.

When I first applied it there was a white film on the skin that made me wonder if my grandchildren were going to look like little mimes or ghosts. After about 10 minutes the white hue disappeared and seemed to just blend into the skin and just left it looking moisturized.  After the 15 to 30 minutes recommended for applying before going outside there was no evidence of it on the skin.  It felt almost silky on the skin and I was pleased to see that it did not leave a rash or redness to delicate skin.  There was virtually no scent to it which is an added bonus.  I would say that it lives up to it’s claim of being sting-free too.  Unfortunately the rain did not stay away long enough to need to reapply it after 2 hours.  It did give good sun protection during the time we were out.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a gentle, natural, and non greasy sunscreen.  Even though it is labeled for kids I also used it and found it to pleasant to wear.

Thank you far allowing me to review this sunscreen.
– D.G.

I was really excited to try the new Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen SPF 50, because I was looking for a less chemical based product to protect my child from the sun. It claims to be “as mild as water,” and it seems to be as we experienced no hives or rashes from using this product.  With an active toddler, it can be difficult to get them to stay still for sunscreen application. Luckily, the day we tested this product little one was cooperative.  I found that it took awhile to massage into the skin, this would be frustrating if you have a child whom is too busy at play or is of a squirmy nature.  Once we had the product rubbed in, we waited for the time allotment before we went outside, we paused and headed to the sink to test the water resistance as we had no intention of water play that day.  Beads of water slid off the arms like it was nothing, a quick shake of the arms and we were off.  The product proved to be effective and left my little ones skin feeling soft. I really like that it was non-greasy. Pros: does what it says it’s going to do Cons: You really need to massage the product in.
– S.T.
I was really excited to be chosen to try out the new Banana Boat Natural Reflect for Kids. We’ve been using Banana Boat for years and years, and its a name I trust.  I put the sunscreen to the test on 3 of my children (ages 3, 4 and 5), and myself. My very first impression: there is no smell. This is a huge plus factor for me as I am allergic to fragrances, and a couple of my children have eczema so I like to try to watch what I put on their skin. Second impression: it works! We had zero reaction to the sunscreen, AND we didn’t get a sunburn either! Worked just as well on my 3 year old as it did on myself. I have found our new sunscreen. I love it. A sunscreen that is not scented and works! I’m sold!!
– A.A.

I recently was lucky enough to test out the Banana Boat natural reflect kids sunscreen because
Banana boat is a brand we know and trust.
 The first thing I noticed was that there was no scent. It was very easy to apply and absorb very quickly.
Leaving no oily residue behind. I loved this product and will be using and recommending it.

– A.M.

What I like about Banana Boat Natural Reflect is the thickness of it; I feel you can “see” the coverage and protection. It is a thicker paste compared to other sunscreens but easily blends in.

I like that the formula is more natural and is Paraben and PABA-free. This is important for me and my son’s skin.
I rate it:  9/10.

We will definitely be applying this sunscreen in the summer and on holidays to the beach.
– D.B.

I have a child that absolutely hates having anything put on her skin (bathtimes are a struggle just putting on lotion).
I can’t sacrifice the importance of proper skincare especially when it comes to my child and their exposure to sun.
The sunscreen sprays I have used in the past have proven well as they are quick BUT problem with them is they do not get all the spots on her body and especially her face. Spraying a child’s face is not an easy task!
This sunscreen was actually quick to absorb which was a big plus for me; at first I thought it wouldn’t be as it was a thicker consistency.
I was able to get all the spots on my childs face and there was no harsh or annoying smells.
Definitely going to continue using this summer!
Thanks for the great opportunity to sample and review!

– L.Y.

Background info up until now I have been using the banana boat spray on my oldest reason was its supper quick to get on him and little mess.  I would spray it then rub it in to make sure i didn’t miss any spots. When it came to his face i would spray it on my hands then rub it in. This worked well for us. So when I saw that these new one was a old school lotion I have to be honest my heart sunk a little. I tried this once before and it was a disaster! But in the effort of doing a review I thought I would give it a try again.

The first few times it took a bit to convince him to stay in one spot long enough to put it on as he liked the fun of the spray as well as the speed if it. The lotion took more work/time to rub in. I found that at first I didn’t like this part of it but I quickly realized it was better as I was sure I covered all the spots. Something I always feared with the other one. Also he was WAY more willing to let me put it on his face and no longer fought me on it. I asked him my and he says “it smells better and not ouchy” which is a big win!

I have noticed no tan on my son while using this product which is a great thing. I also love that he doesn’t look greasy.

All and all I like the product and feel good that its more natural the others I have used in the past.

Pros: No Harsh Scents, All-Natural (for sensitive skin), Quick to Absorb, Water-Resistant
Cons: Takes Time to apply (Due to thickness – must be rubbed in very well)

It was a winner for all the Reviewers!
Thank you to all for taking the time to sample and provide your honest opinions.

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