This is very hard to do for a society that enjoys over-sharing everything online on social media, me included.

We all enjoy seeing those beautifully crafted Instagram photos in natural lighting displaying fresh flowers and the latest fashion sunglasses and shoes {hit like}, or those intricately crafted cupcake images made from scratch in that super clean and gorgeous kitchen of our dreams {hit like} and let’s not forget those glistening blue oceans in Bora Bora or stunning cinque terre backdrops {hit like and comment with heart eyes emoticon}.

But I think when it starts to affect those around us that can’t quite live up to our means that we present online, it can also be disheartening.
Those that can’t afford that fantastic vacation because of hardships and financial obligations; those that can’t afford that new designer bag or shoes because their disposable income goes to paying bills & towards their children or caring for a sick parent; those that can’t even afford extra curricular sports & activities for their kids because it’s just not within their financial reach even though it kills them to hear their kids cry or complain every day.
Those that are struggling to find a new job to support their families; those that just found out that their husband has cancer; those that have been bullied all their lives and is now being bullied online; those that feel they have no one to talk to and are on the verge of depression… sometimes we need to sit back and think about what we share and why.
Life is hard for each and everyone of us and I know sharing stuff that makes us happy is a great way to spread optimism and good vibes, but we also have to humble ourselves.
We are all imperfect, don’t be afraid to show it. And don’t judge those that are bold enough to share their rock bottoms instead of criticizing them, whether it’s to your BFF or to silently in your head, about how negative this person is… Sometimes the best thing you can do is to be relatable and empathetic.
Flaws and all.

2 Comments on The Non-Pinterest Effect and Social Media

  1. I totally understand your point of view.
    For me instagram is especially bad at that. A large part of it is beautiful, and I have nothing that perfect in my life to share. Ahh, peer pressure!

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