There was a time many years ago that I was this little girl in pigtails, running around at recess with the boys pretending I was a super hero too.
I enjoyed the dolls, glitter and all the “girly” fun stuff but I also wanted to feel a little more empowered and strong, like wonder woman!
Back in my youth, it was not as common to see girls playing the super hero so it didn’t quite bode well with my other female classmates and friends.
They often questioned why I would rather get my knees dirty chasing after one another and saving the people from the evil villains rather than playing the princess that gets saved by the prince.

I remember one time in particular when I was about five or six, my mother had guests over for a party and one of these guests, this lovely woman in a polished dress, refined updo and perfect makeup with pearls to finish her ensemble had asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up.
“I want to work as a teacher for girls.”
“Oh that’s nice. A teacher is a wonderful job. But why just girls?”
“Because I want to teach them that it’s okay to be like boys.”
“Really? And how why do you want to teach girls to be like boys?”
I thought about it for a second. Twisted my hair, picked some lint off my shirt, and then started playing with this lady’s pearl necklace.
“This is pretty. You can wear this with your cape too you know.”
She laughed. Teeth were perfect too.
“I left my cape at home.” She replied with a wink and a big smile across her face. She shared a few words with my mom and friends around her and they all laughed.
“REALLY?! So you are like superwoman! I knew it!”
The graceful lady took me in her arms and gave me a squeeze.
“You are the super cutest, my dear. Stay super!”
Before I walked away, her words “Stay Super!” continued to echo in my head.
Before she left the party, I ran up to her and tugged at the bottom of her dress. She kneeled down towards me.
“There shouldn’t be a difference.” She stared at me a little perplexed.
“There shouldn’t be a difference in what, my dear?” she asked.
“You asked me what I want to teach girls in my girls school. And I will teach them that there shouldn’t be a difference between girls and boys. Right? Because girls can do what boys can do and boys can do what girls can do. I changed my mind. I don’t want to teach an all-girls schools anymore. I want to teach a school for kids that want to be super hero’s. And this is for girls and boys. I will hire you to be the principal.”
With that I skipped away and headed straight to the desserts table.

Aah, such profound memories.

When I received notice about the all new and first-ever Barbie superhero themed toys and #BeSuper program – a unique online empowerment campaign for kids, I was so thrilled.
This is perfect and a long time coming!

This Spring, Barbie™ is launching superhero-themed toys, a DVD, books, role play, and more, as a way to inspire girls and boys to creatively express what “super” means to them through play. The superhero theme supports the 2015 #BeSuper campaign, which is designed to celebrate girl empowerment in a way that only Barbie™ can.

Celebrate “Be Super”: Join The Barbie™ Super Squad
To celebrate “being super,” Barbie™ fans can visit an all-new digital destination,, where they can join the Barbie™ Super Squad and engage, create, imagine, and share their own “super” stories.
Learn more about the Super Squad Leaders, Super Events, Shop and so much more!
Site visitors can also create their very own superhero comic strip with the first-ever Barbie™ Comic Maker game. Simple, easy-to-follow click-throughs will help kids create their own avatar, their own superhero story line, and choose from pre-loaded images and visuals to bring their story to life.

Barbie™ is bringing her superhero powers to the small screen with an all-new, action-adventure DVD movie: Barbie™ in Princess Power. A modern-day princess story, the movie will inspire and empower girls to discover their own inner superhero and showcases that there is no greater power than that of friendship.
Barbie™ in Princess Power is now available on Blu-ray™, DVD & Digital HD at retailers nationwide.

Movie screenings will be held at select Cineplex theatres across Canada on March 21, 2015, and Super Squad Members can download their free tickets on
Girls are invited to walk the pink carpet in their best superhero outfits, and bring a canned good for their local food bank. They’ll also get to meet their local Super Squad Leader, meet other Super Squad members, and win exciting prizes.


One quote that I love and have shared with my daughter is this one from Eleanor Roosevelt:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Now as a mother of two, I am excited to see what their generation brings to the table; what good things they teach our world, and the difference they can make in all the lives that they touch.
I am also proud to be raising a strong, precocious and sweet girl that believes that everyone is equal and that all girls and boys have a “Super Hero” in them.

My daughter Ava, Halloween 2013 as SuperGirl! She was SuperGirl two years in a row (her choice, of course).

Don’t forget to #BeSuper and to encourage your children to do the same and to continue to celebrate all the everyday acts of super that kids around them are doing, big and small!


One of my readers will win their very own Barbie in Princess Power Doll and DVD to gift a little “superhero” in their life.
To enter, leave me a comment below telling me who you would gift this to and why.

Contest ends March 30th.

Barbie #BeSuper Giveaway

48 Comments on There’s a Super Hero in You: Newest #BeSuper Barbie + Giveaway

  1. I would gift this to my daughter who adores Barbies and the stories she creates for the dolls are the coolest! I could listen at her doorway all day, it’s so funny.

  2. I would give this to my oldest daughter because she is going through a phase right now where she loves everything barbie!

  3. I would gift this to my niece who has a super hero for a dad ( A Canadian Soldier)and her mom just retired from the military to be a stay at home mommy.

  4. I would like to win this for my granddaughter because she loves Barbie and this doll would bring her such fun and the DVD hours of entertainment

  5. This would be for my 2-year old daughter. Since she started daycare, she has had a bit of a thing for super heroes. She is always asking for a cape to wear (i.e. a blanket or towel or whatever else we can fashion into a cape). I think she is at a good age to learn that as a person she can be a super hero in life too. I think she would really enjoy the movie and doll.

  6. My middle daughter. She pretends that she’s my sister in law because she thinks she’s amazing. She loves to imagine fun stories.

    Ps. I really liked your Super story.

  7. I would like to win the
    Barbie in Princess Power Doll and DVD
    for my niece because she loves Barbie
    and i know she would love to have this.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!

  8. I would gift this to my daughter because she lights up our world with her infectious smile and caring personality. She’s always helping others and she absolutely loves BARBIE!
    Finally they have a super theme!
    P.S. Ava looks SO cute in her supergirl costume!

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