“I’m not going to lie… this whole infertility thing is really dampening my spirits and making me a little sad. Not only is it physically draining (having to come in and out of the clinic for monitoring and all the meds I have to take) but also mentally and emotionally draining as well.  I’m not trying to compare my situation or myself to any other woman but everywhere I turn, my friends and those around me are getting preggo. And so quickly. It’s like all their husband has to do is look at them and bam! Sorry, hormones talking.”

This was a direct quote from a past blog post dated July 5, 2011 and titled The 2WW (Week Wait).  Reading through all my old posts as I went through the very sensitive and onerous infertility journey 5 years ago brought back a deluge of emotions for me — a fusion of melancholy, burden, and euphoria.  

This was my view every weekend during my infertility journey.

“I’m crossing my fingers and praying hard that we won’t have to go through this anymore soon.  It’s been so tough — emotionally, physically and financially.” (View this post here)

There have been many ups and downs throughout my life and these were certainly some of my most oppressive and wearisome moments.  It not only affected me, but it also affected my husband as well.  He was part of this important journey and, at times, felt like a failure himself even though he had no blame at all.  He was angry at what I had to go through.  He loved me so much it hurt him as much as it did me.  So much emotion between us was unhealthy though; it really put a toll on our relationship.  We cried together, we fought, we comforted, we prayed and we promised never to lose faith.  After all, nobody really understood fully what we were going through at the time.  Nobody knew what I was going through.  
Why was this happening to me?  In my case, I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is multiple cysts on my ovaries and wacky hormones, and with that, I did not ovulate every month. 

These sad moments were thankfully coupled with the most joyful news when I found out I was finally pregnant.

If you and your partner are on the journey to conceive and experiencing some difficulty, don’t be afraid to seek more medical help or advice.  And most importantly, talk to one another about it.  Discuss your feelings towards fertility treatments and any and all concerns and work together on next steps to help you achieve your goal of conceiving a healthy baby.

Have your heard of The Stork® OTC?

The Stork® OTC is an innovative, home-use device that helps with becoming pregnant. Whether you are just starting on your journey to parenthood or have been trying for longer, let The Stork optimize your chances of conceiving. This NEW treatment option is FDA-cleared for home-use without a prescription.

The Stork conception aid gives couples a way to use cervical cap insemination — an established conception technique — in the privacy of home. The Stork incorporates familiar elements with the condom-like sheath for collection and tampon-like delivery and removal of the cap, so you can use it at home, in private before having to try more aggressive treatments (or after having already tried them) – and without the same loss of intimacy.

DYK: 20% of women who use cervical cap insemination, the technique of the Stork OTC, get pregnant? Comparable to IUI with recorded success rates between 16-21%.

During my infertility journey, I probably read all the books and got plenty of advice from my doctors and those I know that went through a similar journey on ways to better my chances to conceive by becoming more fertile.  I researched the best vitamins and foods to eat for fertility (for both women and men!), times to have sex and positions to use to increase the chances, other natural remedies and tips to try — I tried them all!
When you’re desperate to conceive, you will try anything but sometimes there’s a cap, and in our case, financially, having to go with IUI or IVF was ours. We just couldn’t afford to do it at the time.

The Stork® OTC is designed to be used as a “next step” for you and your partner when trying to conceive, before advancing into more costly in-clinic reproductive treatments.

So how does the Stork® OTC work?

The simple design includes two main parts – the Conceptacle® and the applicator.

The Conceptacle consists of a latex-free, condom-like sheath with a cervical cap resting within the sheath. The Conceptacle is used to collect the semen containing sperm, worn during intercourse, or alternatively the device can be used with donor sperm. The cervical cap is then removed and placed into the applicator. The applicator cradles the cervical cap and guides it through the vagina to the cervix. This delivers the sperm next to the cervix. The cervical cap is then removed after 4-6hours using a tampon-like pull (string), optimizing your chances of conceiving.


The Stork® OTC is available for purchase at in Canada and the US and retailers can be found here.  The price for a Stork® OTC is $79.99 for a single-use kit.

To learn more, visit: https://www.storkotc.com.

Are you planning to conceive or have you tried with some challenges?  Would you give The Stork® a try if you could?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; however as always, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.  Any and all medical advice provided should always be discussed with your health care provider.

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  1. This is so amazing. I’m happy that they have created something like this for people who need help conceiving. The Stork OTC sounds amazing.

  2. This is great I haven’t heard of it, I also researched and tried everything , 4 rounds of IUI , one successful and then an early loss. I did accupunture and finally got pregnant 3 years after we started trying , I’m glad you have a happy ending , thank you for sharing your story

    • Hi Jamie – Thanks so much for reading and sharing your story as well.
      I’m so glad to hear of your success. I heard great things about acupuncture; I’m a big advocate for natural remedies. Our bodies will always find a way to work how it should with the right natural changes.

  3. Hi Carol, I’m really glad this method worked for you and you are sharing your story and insightful knowledge on how other people can increase their chances of conception by purchasing an affordable stork, which can be used in the comfort of their own home. This is really interesting and I’ll be sure to share the article with anyone who is struggling. Thank you for sharing 💕

  4. I have had friends that have gone through infertility problems some with happy endings some couples who could no longer take the stress and just adopted,it can be a hard long road.

  5. I knowa couple women that have gone through infertility problems. The Stork OTC home-use device sounds like it would be very helpful!

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey. I know many women that have gone through infertility problems. The Stork OTC home-use device sounds great.

  7. My sister-in-law experienced infertility issues and ended up using this which was very helpful for her and her hubby.

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