During this often chaotic time of year, what I’d honestly like is a little break.  Even if that means just not having to slave over a stove one night a week.  Can I get an Amen?

I always rely on a few dining favourites like Montana’s, Milestones and East Side Marios when I take my family out for a nice dinner that offers a great menu selection for everyone including kids or to order in for a delicious meal at home, we always choose Swiss Chalet. A huge favourite in our family with traditions dating back many years to when I was even a little girl (and admittedly enjoyed drinking the chalet sauce because I loved it so much!). Aah, good memories.  Milestones is my go-to for a GNO!  Their bellini’s are my favourite. 🙂

These dinners that provide less cooking time and more time enjoying with my family and friends are much appreciated. So I can’t think of a more fantastic or delicious gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season than theThe Ultimate Dining Card.

The Ultimate Dining Card can now be used at NINE of Canada’s most loved restaurant brands: Montana’s Cookhouse & Bar®, Swiss Chalet®, Harvey’s®, Kelsey’s®, Milestones Grill + Bar®, Bier Markt®, East Side Mario’s®, Fionn MacCool’s® and The Landing Group. This means there are over 800 locations across Canada waiting to welcome you and your friends or family for lunch, dinner or drinks!
Visit cara.com to find a restaurant location near you.

Isn’t that amazing? Nine of the most popular dining go-to’s all in one card.
PLUS for the first time ever, when you buy a $50 Gift Card at any one of their restaurants, you’ll receive *$165 in coupon savings!
This is a limited offer valid November 1 – December 24, 2015.
So give a gift of delicious and gain $165 in coupon savings for yourself. Awesome!
*Please note this limited time offer does not apply for online purchases.

The Ultimate Dining Card can be purchased at participating restaurants, by Mail-Order Card online here or as an e-card which can be used in-store or online.

Who can you think of that can use The Ultimate Dining Card on your list? I’m sure everyone, right?
This will also make a nice gift for a coworker, neighbour or hostess.


Two of my readers can win a $25 gift card valid at all nine restaurants (great for after-school pick-up grub, mom!) courtesy of our friends at Cara!

To enter, leave me a comment below telling me which of the nine restaurants is your favourite and why.

Contest ends December 2nd, 2015. Open to Canadian Residents.

Give the Gift of Delicous with The Ultimate Dining Card

164 Comments on Give the Gift of Delicous with The Ultimate Dining Card

  1. Harvey’s is a favourite of ours — it’s reliable and fast when you want a good meal but don’t have time for table service. I must say that I also enjoy the Bellini’s at Milestones too — LOL! 🙂

  2. I love East Side Mario’s – they have such delicious food and you get a whole meal (salad, bread and main course) for an affordable price!

  3. Harvey’s is my favourite because of their awesome grilled burgers which remind me of outings with my parents when I was a kid, when they on occasion brought us to Harvey’s

  4. We love them all Harveys chicken wraps are our fave! Especially when you are on the go & MileStones for a nice relaxing romantic dinner

  5. I think we would use this Dining Card for Swiss Chalet It is hard to get chicken that is moist and favourable but you can here

  6. Our favorite is Swiss Chalet. we love their rotisserie chicken, and that sauce is too die for. We love that Swiss Chalet is very family friendly.

  7. I love Milestones because we go there usually only for special occasions so it reminds me of good times! The food there is great too.

  8. I love Milestones. It’s a nice atmosphere and they also go out of their way to make sure there’s something I can eat with all my allergies. I’m never disappointed when I go there.

  9. I like all the restaurants but Harvey’s is our favorite place since I was a kid for hamburgers & we eat there often. And now they also have deep fried pickles which are SO good!

  10. We love dining at Montana’s as a family. It’s affordable & their meals are delicious. Healthy options on the menu for Mom & the kids LOVE that their meals arrive at the table in a canoe! They love to draw on the table while we wait & the best part is when we are done, they get to push the button on the wall to sound the horn of the vintage truck hanging from the ceiling. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Out of the nine restaurants, Montanas is my favourite. Their food is delicious and it’s the place the boyfriend and I go for our anniversary every year.

  12. My favourite is East Side Mario’s because they have great food and they make me pizza without tomato sauce. East Side Mario’s is an awesome place to eat.

  13. I like Swiss Chalet. The one in Moncton got best service awards for a whole lot of years in a row, and you can tell whey when you go there.

  14. swiss chalet is my favorite! their food is sooooo yummy (their festive holiday dish is my fav), the prices are great and its a good family atmosphere

  15. My family and I love Swiss Chalet because we get our food quickly and everyone loves their chicken dishes. It’s fast, friendly and affordable!

  16. Swiss Chalet is my favorite as they have delicious, affordable food! Their chicken soup is the best when you have a cold!

  17. I have to go with Swiss Chalet and only because it’s the only one I have eaten at from all nine, plus I love the chicken!!

  18. I love Swiss Chalet because I can’t get enough of their Chalet dipping sauce AND their Chalet dressing for their garden salad. 🙂

  19. Montanas is our favourite. For me its because of the cornbread and of course all the menu options, and for my husband I think its those addictive antojitos. We’ve tried them elsewhere and they just aren’t the same.

  20. Milestones Grill + Bar. we don’t have one in town but when we take a day trip to Sudbury we make sure this is the place to stop! OMG I love the burgers!

  21. Harvey’s is my favorite for several reasons. It is a 5 minute walk from my house, we are a family of picky eaters so we love getting to order things exactly how we want them, and they have amazing poutine!

  22. East Side Mario’s is my favourite because there is something there for everyone. When we take the kids, ALL of them are able to find foods that they enjoy! Thanks for the chance.

  23. Montana’s is my favourite since the whole family can find something they love on the menu. the staff is friendly, the atmosphere fun, the food is good and it is not as expensive as Milestones

  24. Harveys and Montanas are my 2 faves. Harveys bc the chicken wrap and the deep fried pickles are heavenly , and Montanas for their chicken and thei corn bread and their deep fried cheesecake.

  25. My favorite restaurant is Milestones! They always have fantastic food. I love a mojito on their patio in the summer. I would love to go dining with my bestie and try their Bellinis! 🙂

  26. Swiss Chalet is my favourite – i love their chicken dinners and all the sides they offer! it is a comfortable place to dine with my family!

  27. I love Swiss Chalet, their chicken is so good! It is somewhere we can go and everyone in the family can easily find something to eat.

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