One of the items we go through fast and furiously in this home are paper towels. I once gave up and started using re-usable cloths but not only did that become a hassle (especially when I needed quick clean-ups) but it started to harbour bacteria, germs and odour. I went back to paper towels and was very happy to learn of Royale’s newest Paper Towel, Tiger Towels – a soft, strong and thirsty multipurpose paper towel. And oh-my-goodness… cuteness overload!

Now prowling the shelves of retailers across the country, the launch also marks the start of a new partnership between ROYALE and PANTHERA, the world’s leading wild cat conservation organization, which works in partnership with Save the Tiger Fund to conserve the world’s remaining 3,200 wild tigers.
“We are extremely proud to announce our new partnership with PANTHERA through Save the Tiger Fund, which lets us directly contribute to the preservation of tigers and their habitats worldwide,” said Gary MacIntosh, director of marketing, ROYALE Canada. “During our research as we developed the Tiger Towel concept, we were shocked to learn that tigers are now an endangered species. Given the majestic beauty of our new brand ambassador, we felt a responsibility to ensure future generations will grow up in a world with tigers. We hope this partnership helps raise awareness and interest for tiger conservation among Canadians.”

As a proud partner, ROYALE will donate $40,000 to the fund as well as provide ongoing support to raise awareness and increase fundraising efforts throughout 2014, including, online and social media support, retail point of sale material and community events.

“Right now, there are fewer than 3,200 tigers remaining in the wild. One of the world’s most iconic species is near extinction because of rampant poaching for the illegal wildlife market,” said Andrea Heydlauff, vice president, PANTHERA. “Panthera and our partners are working tirelessly in the field to stop tiger poaching, and protect their prey and habitats across Asia, so these animals can live in the wild forever. Tiger conservation is a global issue and what tigers need to survive is for the world to care. This is why we are delighted to have ROYALE on board to help raise awareness and support of our programs in Canada and beyond to ensure a future for wild tigers.”

ROYALE Tiger Towels are available now at retailers across Canada starting at $7.99. Using the latest in Thru-Air Dried (TAD) technology ROYALE Tiger Towels deliver a soft, strong and more absorbent paper towel. Dye and fragrance-free.


I am happy to be giving away this awesome prize pack with tiger strength and heart to one of my readers valued at $70, which includes:

  • A pack of Tiger Towels
  • A Tiger Towels plush tiger
  • The TIGERS FOREVER book – a decade worth of stunning images and stories about tigers and tiger conservation efforts from National Geographic photographer Steve Winter



1) To enter, leave me a comment below telling me what you would use your Tiger Towels to clean up in your home most

2) Additional entries via rafflecopter

Contest is open to Canadian Residents only.
Ends December 31, 2013.

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88 comments on “Tidy the Jungle in your Home with Royale’s Tiger Towels + #Giveaway”

  1. I went from paper towels to reuseable towels back to paper towels too.. Reuseable towels get stinky over time. I use it mainly for kitchen spills and cleaning.

  2. I would use Tiger Towels to clean my bathroom most often. I hate having a sponge sitting around the house that has been used in the bathroom

  3. With three active “tigers” in the house there’s always some kind of spill to deal with so I would definitely use Royale’s Tiger Towels to pick up their messes ! (The Tiger Towels Plush Tiger would be perfect for my little “tigers” !!!)

  4. they would get used in my kitchen, get rid of everyones hand prints on my appliances and island. it drives me crazy

  5. I would use the tiger towels following my children around the house through out the day. They come with spills, messes, dirty fingers, messy faces that I just can’t help but love and smooch!

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