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It’s Spring! And the Patio’s have opened, BBQ’s fired up and it’s time to swap the heavier dishes with something a little lighter.  With lighter dishes, I do not want to sacrifice all the hearty flavours so I am mixing in a little India on the grill this weekend.

Using Patak’s ready-made Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce , I marinated shrimp in the sauce for a couple of hours and also used the sauce to slather on my shrimp skewers and corn on the cob while grilling.


Marinated Tikka Masala Shrimp Skewers ready for the grill!
Grilled Tikka Masala Corn on the Cob

With grilling shrimp, you have to remember they cook very quickly and if you overcook shrimp, it will be tough and rubbery and lose all the great flavour. The shrimp skewers should only be grilled for 2-3 minutes each side.

Grill your corn for about 15-20 minutes with husks on until you see some charring. Remove from grill and let cool.

Once the corn has cooled, I start shaving off the kernels to add to the chopped romaine lettuce.  Throw in the shrimp, chopped avocado and bacon pieces and voila!

The Tikka Masala blended magnificently with the sweetness of the corn and the essence of the shrimp. Combined with the delicate and slightly sweet and buttery avocado, fresh romaine lettuce and crispy and salty bacon — absolutely delectable!


I love that it’s so easy to add all that enticing Indian flavour to any meal with their ready-made cooking sauces. You can learn more about their sauces, pastes, chutney and more products at

For more great Indian-inspired Patak’s recipes, please visit my Mix in a Little India Pinterest Board here and also Patak’s Canada’s Pinterest Board for delicious inspiration.

How will you be mixing in a little Indian to your grill this season?

 Disclosure:I am part of the Patakโ€™s Canada Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinionson this blog are my own. 


22 comments on “Recipe: Grilled Tikka Masala Shrimp & Corn Avocado Salad”

  1. Anything with avocado in it, I will eat. It’s the best thing ever, so this avocado salad… ugh, my mouth is watering! It looks so colourful and yummy!

  2. This looks great, I never think to use shrimp or prawns when making INdian food. I’m going to have to try this!

  3. Yummy looks DELISH , Your making me hungry , i will be trying this for sure thanks so much for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Love all this! I haven’t really thought about it much… maybe do what you have done, with the grilled corn and shrimp.

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