Every year you have to ensure you make the switch to accommodate the coming season.
Would you wear boots in the summer? Shorts in the fall?
So just like your wardrobe, you cannot forget about yet another important seasonal change — your scent!

If you didn’t already do so, you have to understand that there are certain scents that are not fit for a season.
Stronger scents like Guerlain Champs Elysées or Coco Chanel are perfect for the cooler months where your skin is less likely to perspire and wear off and smell travels at a lighter speed. Plus it`s less heavy on the nose during the colder months.
And then you have classic warmer month scents like Clinique Happy and Dolce & Gabba Light Blue that is harmonizing to Spring and Summer (although D&G Light Blue is also good for all seasons but we`ll discuss all season scents in another post, I promise!)

Just like in my previous Fall Scent post, I emphasized the importance of personal preference and individuality along with natural skin chemistry when it comes to picking the right perfumes. What smells amazing on one person, may or may not be suitable for you.

This year, I`ve compiled my Top 10 favourite Spring & Summer Fragrances for 2012.


1.  Roger et Gallet Green Tea 

I discovered and fell in love with Roger et Gallet brand of fresh, fragrant water sprays when I was in Paris last year (2011) and instantly was smitten.  Parisian women know their scents and what I loved most about this brand is that it is not overpowering with great staying power and perfect for those (like me) that have a sensitivity to strong scents (I get nauseated with overly strong perfume).
They have a whole bunch of different scents in this line, Rose, Green Tea and Bois d’Orange are my absolute favourites!
This Green Tea Fresh Fragrant Water draws inspiration from the radiant, sacred spectacle of Mount Fuji rising up among fields of tea, encouraging well-being and soothing properties. Rich in essential oils, this composition works to soothe the body while revitalising the mind with traditional oriental wisdom and harmony. Use fragrance water for a lovely delicate scent, appealing to the magic of a journey of the senses
Top Notes: Yuzu, Mandarin, Grapefruit Middle Notes: Green tea, White Freesia, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley Base Notes: Cedar wood, Lignum Vitae, Amber

2.   L’Occitane Cherry Blossom 
There is something magical and serene about Cherry Blossoms.  They are one of my favourite trees for not just their visual appeal but their smell.  When I see Cherry Blossoms, I envision a beautiful village somewhere in the Countryside of Japan or the outskirts of France.

Cherry blossom is an evitable part of the spring South France landscape, so this perfume represents the scent of an early spring. Cherry note is accompanied by freesia, black currant, lily-of-the-valley, rose tree, amber and musk.

3.  Clinique Happy in Bloom
I’ve been wearing the original Clinique Happy since my teenage years — such a staple Spring/Summer fragance! So light and pretty.

The fragrance features freesia, mimose, amber, musk, green leaves, yellow plum and lily-of-the-valley notes.
It’s an airy scent, reminiscent of fresh outdoor air, greens, clean laundry drying in the sun, some flowers in early bloom and maybe a hint of earth.

4.  Prada Infusion d’Iris
I discovered this beautiful scent in my December Loose Button Luxe Box and was drawn to it instantly.
It’s not usually my type of scent but after spraying on my wrist and letting it settle for a bit, I noticed how lovely it actually was on my skin.

It posseses an air of elegance and class.
For those of you that want lots of flowers, sweetness and strength, this fragrance probably isn’t for you. Infusion d’Iris is a clean, inoffensive floral. Slightly musky and woodsy.

5.  Narciso Rodriguez for Her in Color
I purchased Narcisco Rodriguez’ For Her (original eau de parfum) back in 2007 and again, it is one of those scents that I didn’t instantly woo after.  It had a musky and very unique scent to it that I was skeptical would mesh well with me.
After spraying on me, after a few minutes I discovered that it was in fact a uniquely enticing and gorgeous scent! Even after days, the smell of it on my jacket was just wonderful.

This is a new fragrance, Narciso Rodriguez for Her in Color was launched in 2011. Top notes are rose and peach; middle note is amber; base notes are musk, sandalwood and patchouli.
The scent: Musk, rose, peach, patchouli, moss, and vanilla
Who should wear it? Devotees of extra-musky florals who prefer a bright, flowery finish for spring.

6.  Jo Malone White Lilac & Rhubarb 

This is another great spring scent from the Jo Malone line and happens to be my favourite of them all.

Without being overpoweringly feminine it emits subtle and charming floral notes contrasted against the tart and fruity rhubarb. The perfume speaks for itself, which is why it definitely doesn’t need a whispering celebrity

The scent: Rose, rhubarb, lilac, and heliotrope
Who should wear it? Green-thumbed gals who love a floral scent with a classic feel.

7.  Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y
I cannot get enough of Stella McCartney! Not only is she one of my favourite fashion designers with the classic british elegance and style that I covet, but her sensual and ultra feminine style proves well into her Fragrance line too.  I own Stella by Stella McCartney and it is one of my absolute favourites! Really pretty and perfect for the feminine and soft, natural beauty lovers.

L.I.L.Y is a journey through the senses. It begins with the smell of a spring morning, dapped sunlight through the trees, a vision of delicate lily of the valley. It is the passage of time across a forest floor. The touch of moss and the darker intensity of truffles. More masculine and earthy, but still seductive and sensual.

Top notes evoke the rich, mineral freshness of truffle. Heart notes of green and luminous lily of the valley create an irresistible addiction. Base notes reveal the earthy warmth of oak moss.

8.  Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Eau So Fresh

Another lovely classic and spring/summer signature scent is Daisy by Marc Jacobs.  Here they have their newer scent launced in 2011 which is a fruity & floral fragrance and just as stunning.

Top notes are grapefruit, green notes, raspberry and pear; middle notes are jasmine, rose, violet, litchi and apple blossom; base notes are musk, virginia cedar and plum.

9.  Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty
It doesn’t get more classic than Calvin Klein.  I’m sure we’ve all owned and loved a Calvin Klein scent, right?
The composition is floral-fruity, opening with notes of bergamot, red berries and peach Bellini (Yum!). The perfume’s core includes flowers of peony, pink lily and jasmine. The base is velvety due to accords of sandalwood, musk and vanilla blossom.
10.  Marc Jacobs Kumquat
As you can tell I’m a big fan of Marc Jacobs. Much like Stella McCartney, not only is he a favored fashion designer of mine but his style evokes into his perfumes well and always offers an enticing concoction for the senses.
Kumquat is a refreshing, sunny, carefree and fun citrusy – floral fragrance, created by Richard Herpin. The composition opens with sparkling aromas of tangerine, bergamot and orange. The heart induces dried kumquat, tiger orchid and jasmine, placed at the base of musk, blonde woods and cedar.

Like the famous designer, Christian Dior says: “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” 

What is your favourite Spring/Summer scent? Do you have a signature scent that you use every year?

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