There is something about Christmas movies that always tug at my heart strings.
Perhaps it’s the spirit of giving and love in the film. Or maybe the colour, animation, music?
Is it because of the magical sparkle it brings in our eyes when we watch — the ones we use to get all the time when were were children, when we believed?

This time of year, my family and I love to settle down during this chaotic season by the fireplace and watch our favourite collection of Christmas movies.
If you flip through your TV channels this time of year, you’ll see the surfeit of wonderful Holiday films everywhere!
I’ve gathered all me and my family’s Holiday Favourites together in one compilation to share with my readers.
Are any of yours included?

What is your favourite Holiday Film of all-time?

*Updated: There are a few that I  forgot to include in my video which are: Love Actually, The Holiday, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

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  1. Thanks,for the great list with non of my children coming home this year for the holidays me hubby and i will be watching all the classics.Thanks you made it easy to remember them all.Happy holidays to you and your and may you be blessed with happiness and good health for all!

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