It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that we are mega food lovers around here.

Food is life.

And as one of our favourite new foodies, Phil Rosenthal on Netflix’s latest series Somebody Feed Phil says at one point in his New Orleans episode during a dinner party hosted by New Orleans chef Alon Shaya: “Food is the great connector.”
And we couldn’t agree with him more. Food, indeed, is a great way to connect people (next to music) which is why his New Orleans episode had as dreaming of crawfish, jambalaya and jazz music.  Sit down and eat with someone, even if there’s a language barrier, and you will all leave that table just a little bit closer.

As a busy parent, I had to admit, I don’t always have the time to cook.  There are days when I’m just not inspired or have to stress about picky eaters and school lunches.  Am I alone on this or can you relate?
I find my moments of solitude during the day with a cup of warm tea or coffee and catching up on an episode of one of my favourite shows on Netflix and most often it’s all about FOOD.
And this goes well in my favour (and those of my family members) because I’m most often left inspired and conjuring up recipe and meal ideas for the days ahead. In fact, aside from my moms or grandmothers meal inspirations, I got a lot of my recipe ideas from what I watched on a favourite food series and just created my own spin to it. Food is an art. An art in which every person has to make their very own.

Get food-spired!

Dream of food travels like Anthony Bourdain’s: The Layover  or Avec Eric?
One day perhaps showcasing you and your family’s own cooking skills on a fun show like on The Big Family Cooking Showdown?
Curious how the life of a food blogger is like just like on Foodies: The Culinary Jet Set?
Or are you simply a foodie that enjoys and would like to get into The Mind of a Chef

If you’re headed into the New Year with some goals to eat better and wiser, to save money by ordering less takeout and cooking more or meal-planning, or just love food as much as we do, we gathered up a list of our favourite Food Series’ currently streaming on Netflix, just for you.

6 Comments on Top Netflix Food Shows To Start the New Year… Hungry (and Inspired)

  1. Carole D – I’m the same but I think my problem is I don’t much like any reality shows! I love movies with food in them though. Babette’s Feast was awesome. Or the Hundred Foot Journey.

  2. AMAZING! I love cooking shows! i never end up making the delicious meals they do BUT I love watching them put the meals together

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