This past Halloween was exciting for us because this was the first Halloween where Ava actually comprehends what she was doing. She was elated over everything — making the Jack-O-Lantern (whom we named Jack-O-Lynn this year (yes, she was a female), wearing her costume & ringing on doorbells shouting out, “Trick or Treat!”. She also added (on her very own) to the home-owner’s and other trick-or-treater’s: “Happy Halloween!” Ha!ha! So cute!

She did get a little “territorial” though when other children would ring on our doorbell and we would hand out candy. :p She’s three. I expect her to.

This year, our little Ava was a cute ladybug. Last year, she was a bumblebee. It’s ironic because she hates bugs! She’s terrified of them. All of them — ladybug’s, spider’s, bumblebee’s, etc. So, her choosing to be a bug again this year was beyond me. My husband seems to think it’s her way of fighting her fears. LOL!

We still have tons of treats leftover from Halloween. What do you do with your leftovers?

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