If there’s one product that you may have neglected to add to your back-to-school shopping list that is not only essential for safety and keeping yourself and your child in the loop (and that your eager student is most definitely longing for) — it’s a new smartphone!  A few years ago I would have been dubious at the thought of a tween or young teen needing a phone as a back-to-school essential, but my has the years changed. 

Now, almost every teen and quite a few tween’s own their very own smartphone and for many good reasons.  Not only do smartphones offer the reassurance and safety of quick communication (either via phone or text) but now, your child can do the same educational research, learn a new language,  read a plethora of books, create a document or design a poster right from their smartphone.  That’s not to mention participating in group chats with classmates when getting together is near impossible.  There’s honestly nothing you can’t do with a smartphone these days, well except for having it fold your laundry for you or babysit your kids, but hey, pretty sure there’s an app for that.


Luckily, TELUS has some amazing BTS offers on smartphones including a new Samsung Galaxy S7 or and a great starter phone like the iPhone 6!


BTS deals include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 starting at $0 on select two year terms, plus trade-in any phone and get a minimum of $200 in the latest accessories (Offer not available in MB)
  • iPhone 6s starting at $100 on select two year terms (Offer not available in MB)
  • iPhone 6 starting at $0 on select two year terms (Offer not available in MB)
  • Get a bonus 2GB of data for $5/month when you activate or renew a premium smartphone on a 2 year Your Choice plan with a minimum 4GB data add on
  • Trade-in any phone and get $200 off the brand new Note 7

And if lack of responsible and safe smartphone use is a concern of yours, TELUS, once again, has your back!  In fact, they pride themselves in providing a secure and pleasing experience for you and your children with the TELUS Wise Footprint Program including a great discussion guide for parents and teachers.  You should also check out Telus’ Helping Our Kids Use Their Smartphone Safely guide here.

Don’t forget to accessorize!  Pair your students’ new smartphone with some of these way cool for school tech accessory products.  


Just in time for school, Telus is offering these fantastic deals for headphones/audio products:

  • 10% off a standalone purchase of Beats products or the Jabra Move Wireless  
  • 25% off Beats products with the purchase of any Apple device (smartphone or tablet)
  • 25% off Jabra Move Wireless with the purchase of any Android device (smartphone or tablet

To learn more, visit TELUS online at http://www.telus.com or step into any of their stores close to your location.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post as a #TeamTelus advocate; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

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  1. My kids are way more Tech savvy than I am, but I didnt grow up with everyone having phones, laptops etc and I am under 40!

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