Time to start diggin’ out our favourite Fall fashion items in the back of the closet or better yet, go shopping for some new ones! But aside from clothing, hair, and makeup (all which should definitely be changed up come Fall/Winter), what about our perfume?

Your fragrance says a lot about who you are — whether you are shy romantic or the life of the party.
Some women choose a signature scent and wear it regularly, no matter what the occasion or season of the year. Other women prefer to have an assortment of choices in their perfume collection and they choose a particular scent according to their mood, the occasion or just on a whim.
Fragrance is a very personal and individual thing. One person’s favourite is another person’s headache. Make sure when buying new perfume to test it on your skin. What smells good on another person, will not smell the same on you. This is due to our own body chemistry and natural scent.

I’m real big on switching up my scent to accommodate each season. 
Perfumes react to the environment and will behave differently according to the time of year.
Unless of course you have a favourite perfume that is perfect for both the Warmer and Colder months.
Examples of that are: Dior J’adore, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Lancome Hypnose, Burberry Brit, Vera Wang Princess, amongst many other great choices.
Here are my favourite perfumes by Season:
Spring/Summer: Roger et Gallet’s Rose
I discovered this scent in Paris and fell in love. There really is no other perfume like French perfume. They really know their scents.  I have a very sensitive nose and have a tendency to get nauseous over strong odours, especially when traveling in the car. So because of that, I have to stick with subtle floral or citrus type perfumes as they are better on my nose.
Fall/Winter: Stella McCartney’s Stella and Guerlain’s Champ-Elysées
These two are my top signature scents in the colder months. I love Stella for it’s fresh and pretty scent which isn’t too light that it fades away. It smells amazing on my skin.
Champs-Elysées is my only winter scent. I love it so much! I was given it as a gift from my hubby a few years ago and have only worn it since. I’ve “smelled” around but never have I replaced my Winter fragrance with anything else. It’s a beautiful, unique scent with a powerful (but not overbearing) statement.
Aside from perfumes, body butter’s and cream’s are also imperative.
I am big on Vanilla and Almond (and some coconut) smelling cream’s.  Here are my all-time favourite body butter’s (I only use body butter’s — much better on the skin & less water content than lotion).
The Body Shop`s Almond Body Butter
My ultimate fave body butter! 

Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar
A yummy yet pretty scent for the skin.

Yves Rocher`s Noix de Coco Body Cream and Perfume combo (have to have them together!)
This is one coconut smell that I`m a huge fan of. It smells extremely lovely and settles so well into my skin. I love the scent of the lingering fragrance. If you haven’t smelled this before, I highly recommend it!

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