I stumbled across this lovely idea on http://www.inspiredbride.net/ and was just drawn to the whimsical beauty and simplicity of it.
This would be such a lovely idea for a Winter Wedding or even any themed event.

The Aqua Blue and White Colour Palette are a perfect medley, don’t you think?

The centrepiece is such a stunning vision and very easy to create:

Something about unlimited candy makes my “inner child” very happy as I’m sure your guests will agree!
I found the DIY labels in front of each treat to be a nice touch.
The vases are not that difficult to find and you can mix and match sizes to give it a nice unique look. Take a trip to your local Arts & Crafts store, Department Store or even the Dollar Store, you’ll be surprised what you find.
Once those treats go in ’em – total eye candy, literally!
Bulk Barn or your local Candy Shop should cover all those delicious delicacies for you to pick and choose.

And those unique and super delicious marshmellow pops… YUM!
Try them out: http://www.inspiredbride.net/2009/10/26/do-it-yourself-project-marshmallow-pops/
I’m thinking this would be a nice new idea for our Bella’s Bon Bon’s Holiday Menu.

For a complete list of details in re-creating this lovely Dessert Buffet, visit:

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