There are few things that thrill me more than being able to whip up new and delicious recipes that take up only a few minutes of your day and with very little mess. I have enough clutter and too little hours in a day already.
It is truly amazing how much one can create using Tortillas.

You’re going to want good quality and tasty tortillas though and of course that comes with Dempster’s® Tortillas and they recently just rolled out some new ones!
I had to try their new POM 100% Whole Wheat Tortillas and incorporate them into some easy-to-make recipes that my family loves.

I’ve got two scrumptious recipes – one savoury and one sweet – made using Dempster’s® Tortillas that will have your family wanting more!
And of course it’s quick and easy to make so that leaves you, mom, with a lot more time on your hands. Perhaps an uninterrupted bubble bath

We love fish in this home and one evening while contemplating what to make that was quick and efficient for the family while rummaging through my fridge, I decided to make a favourite that we love using all the ingredients we already had – Fish Tacos!


Total Time: 30 minutes


– Dempster’s/POM Tortillas
– Frozen Battered Fish (I love using Jane’s Battered Fish Bites – perfect for fish tacos!)
– 1 cup Black Beans
– 1 cup Corn
– 1/2 Diced Red Onion
– Chopped Cilantro
– 1 Tomato Diced
– 1 Lime cut in half (1/2 for toppings, 1/2 for taco sauce)
– Lettuce
– Taco Seasoning (We love Old El Paso!)
– 1/2 cup Hellman’s Mayonnaise
1) Bake Frozen Fish Bites as per directions (usually about 15-20 minutes depending on how much you are making)
2) Once Fish is baking, prepare Toppings and Sauce
Toppings: Combine Black Beans, corn, red onion, tomato, cilantro and squeeze half a lime and mix.
Fish Taco Sauce: Mix equal parts Mayo with Taco Seasoning and a nice squeeze of half a lime.
That’s it! And believe me, it’s yummy!
3) Final Step is to put together your Fish Taco (any way you want!)
This is my layer: Tortilla, Fish, Lettuce, Toppings and then sauce.
Wrap it up and you’re good to go! 


If you’re looking for dessert or just a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth that’s easy to make, you’ll love my Tortillas Snickerdoodles!


Total Time: 15 Minutes
– Small Dempster’s® Tortillas (less than 8 inch or if you have larger ones like I did, just cut them in half)
– Cream Cheese
– Strawberry Jam (or any other flavour jam you prefer)
– 1/2 cup of sugar
– 1 Tbsp Cinnamon
– Frying Oil
1) Spread a layer of cream cheese on tortilla and then spread about 1 tsp jam on top of cream cheese.
2) Roll up tortillas and secure each with a toothpick.
3) Heat 1 inch of oil to 350 degrees or until you add a drop of water and it starts to sizzle
4) Fry the wraps until golden brown on both sides 
5) Drain on paper towels for about 15 seconds.
6) Combine cinnamon and sugar in a shallow plate and roll the wraps in the cinnamon/sugar combination.


I can dedicate an entire blog post alone to how much you can create with Dempster’s® Tortillas, but Dempster’s® made it easier for you by sharing their Dempster-licious ideas here:
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  1. I would make quesadillas (like we always do) filled with cheese, tomatoes, onions, capsicum, and ham.

    p.s. I had no idea what a Snickerdoodle was!

  2. Wow – I love your ideas! We use tortillas often for lunch – wrapping up whatever we may have in our fridge – salad fixins, cheese, chicken… sky’s the limit!

  3. I love spicy chicken salad wraps and cinnamon chips (cut the tortillas into wedges, brush with milk, sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar and bake until crisp).

  4. These look so so so good!
    Thanks for sharing your scrumptious recipes. Can make them with the kids!

    I will definitely be making both of these recipes plus Tortilla (Mexican) Soup! Mmmm

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